Indeco Crusher Mounted

Indeco have designed, manufactured and installed a Hydraulic Power Pack, Arm Assembly and Breaker for Hanson Quarry, Hobart.  This unit can be operated from the safety of the operators cabin using electric joy stick controls.

The unit was specifically designed for this installation to enable the Breaker to reach into the crusher as well as clear any blockages on the feeder or in the hopper.

Indeco fitted the latest series HP 700 Whisper Breaker offering exceptional power with reduced sound levels.

Hanson chose Indeco having operated an Indeco 5000 Breaker on their 30 tonne excavator for 5 years.

The Indeco 5000 have proved its productivity and reliability in this extremely hard rock which proves that in extremely hard rock Indeco’s automatic power and speed variation boosts production which other competitive Breakers cannot match.