Mulching Heads

IMH Series

Indeco’s new IMH series of hydraulically-driven, boom-mounted Mulching Heads were designed to turn your excavator or miniloader into a powerful land-clearing tool.


 Indeco’s new IMH series of hydraulically driven, boom- mounted mulching heads are specifically designed for a broad range of land clearing, site preparation, invasive vegetation species management, storm damage removal and clean-up applications. Tailored to fit a wide range of carriers from 5 to 50 tons, the IMH series is available in a number of direct-drive and belt-driven high-performance models and features HARDOX® components and bodies for optimal service life and lasting reliability.

Achieving greater productivity and cost-efficiency than a dedicated crew of workers with chainsaws and chippers, IMH Mulching Heads fully leverage your existing equipment investments by utilizing the excavator, back-hoe or skid steer auxiliary hydraulics to turn your existing machine into a powerful land- clearing tool.
With a low initial cost, single man/machine operation for reduced processing costs and ease of use, the IMH series requires no additional specialized machinery and can be used on multiple machines to deliver a superior return on investment for your mulching applications.
In addition to superior productivity gains, mulching with the Indeco IMH series is also a more environmentally friendly process than conventional burning by putting back unwanted vegetation into the ecosystem as mulch.
This protects newly cleared areas from wind and rain erosion while providing the soil with beneficial microorganisms.

IMH SG - Stump Grinders

When the going gets tough, it’s tine for the tough to take over. IMH SG Stump Grinders are the ideal tools for clearing wooded areas after the taller trees have been cut. After felling a tree, you may need to remove the tree stump from the ground for aesthetic or safety reasons, especially to counteract soil erosion. Using the stump grinder reduces both removal and disposal costs. Available in two different models for carriers from 16 to 45 tons, they are easy to use and ensure maximum grinding efficiency.