Adding Value To Dunnsown Quarry

Located near Ballarat, Victoria, Boral’s Dunnstown Quarry was established in 1974 and sits on 260 hectares of land producing crushed rock, aggregate and road base material for all over Victoria.

With the quarry currently employing 15 staff and operating 6 days per week, it needs to be well equipped, with a fleet of excavators, loaders, dumpers as well as Indeco breakers.

The quarries most recent purchase was an Indeco HP350 breaker fitted to a customer built 3 metre hydraulic boom arm.  When first looking at different model breakers, quarry manager Paul Griffin said the choice was easy. “I went with Indeco because of their name and reputation for reliability as well as the back up support I’d been given”, said Paul.  “Indeco were also helpful in advising and setting up what was best suited to our application”.

When recommending a breaker system for Boral, Indeco didn’t just use a standard design off the shelf and try to adapt it.  Instead, they visited the quarry site to see the application first hand, then custom designed what was best suited for the quarries needs. The complete unit is mounted to the crusher support frame giving excellent visibility and easy access for all service and maintenance.

With growing demands for productivity, 2008 has already been the busiest year the Dunnstown quarry has ever had.  With 3500 tonne of basalt rock going through the feeder daily, the Indeco HP350 hammer is kept busy handling any oversized rocks blocking the gateway. Its simple and efficient design combined with excellent weight to power ratio have ensured the breaker has done its job effectively.

In any industry time is money and equipment will ultimately be measured by the efficiency and value it can bring to your business.  With the Indeco HP350 breaker productivity has been high and with little downtime it has been a valuable asset to the quarry.