Indeco’s HP12000 – A Big Breaker Delivering Big Performance

Adding to their impressive line up of customers, Indeco Australia has just installed another two of their HP12000 rock breakers into the market.  Azzona Drainage and Armstrong Constructions have both added the giant hammer to their growing fleet of Indeco equipment.

For Azzona it will be their second HP12000 after recently purchasing one in March. In total it gives them 15 Indeco hammers all up. “We were so impressed by the performance of the first HP12000 that we decided to buy another one.” said Azzona Director Rob Di Giandomenico. “It has saved us a lot of time and money and hasn’t missed a beat.”

After operating in solid conditions for over 6 months, Azzona have not only been happy with the breakers performance, but also the back-up of service and support from Indeco. Bruce McWilliams, Managing Director of Indeco Australia has ensured that their high standards are maintained.  ”Before we add any breaker to our range we always make sure we have the back up in place to comprehensively support it.” said Bruce. “We have a number of service vehicles operating and as with our full range of products, we offer a 100% guarantee that we will always have parts available.”

For Bill Armstrong, it will be his first HP12000 after running 3 existing large Indeco breakers. “We had a demo of the Indeco 12000 and were very impressed with what we saw.” Our existing Indeco hammers have always done the job, but the new 12000 will allow us to get a lot more work done, especially with deep trenching in solid rock.” said Bill.

Customers are constantly looking for machinery to get the job done quicker and more economically, therefore increasing the demand for bigger and more powerful excavators and attachments. The Indeco HP12000 is no exception, being the biggest hydraulic breaker on the Australian market today. Weighing 7.8 tonne, it stands 4 meters high, has a 215mm chisel, power rating of 18,900 joules and a strike rate up to 550 blows per minute.

Trying to break rock is nothing new and while the challenge remains to be more productive, the continual improvement of breaker technology and development will carry on.  New and improved features have enabled Indeco breakers, such as the HP12000, to work in applications where they previously would never have dreamed of before. With the productivity and field proven success of Indeco’s HP12000, we expect to see many more start operating throughout Australia.

Indeco Supplies 4 Metre Arm And Model HP1500W Breaker To Northern Quarries

The Northern Quarries site at Cooper Street, Epping, Victoria is a basalt quarry producing concrete aggregates and crushed rock including road base. It has been operational for 17 years, and has grown to be a major supplier to a number of large organisations, govt projects as well as small operators.

The quarry produces Class 1, 2 and 3 crushed rock for road construction as well as commercial grade crushed rock for roads and buildings sub-base aggregates are produced for concrete production and drainage purposes.

Northern Quarries built a new Primary Crusher Module.  This comprised a single toggle jaw crusher and hydraulically powered reciprocating plate feeder.

They realised that to guarantee high production, any blocking, jamming or bridging of rocks in the jaw or on the feeder must be eliminated.

This necessitated the fitting of a Hydraulic Arm and Breaker assembly to efficiently clear any blockages.

The Quarry Management proposed that the Hydraulic Arm and Breaker assembly should be part of the overall design of the new primary crusher installation and not just a last minute add on.

Indeco Australia has been a preferred supplier to this Quarry for twelve years, a relationship built on quality product supported by experienced service providers and on the shelf parts availability.  Plus Indeco designs each arm individually to ensure the Breaker reaches exactly where it is required.

Northern Quarries engineer, designing this installation, was introduced to Indeco’s design engineer and they worked together to produce an assembly to meet the Quarry Manager’s exact requirement.

This resulted in a 4.0 metre arm mounted at the base of the hopper.  No expensive mounting tower was required plus it was realized that the hydraulic power pack operating the feeder had enough capacity to also operate the arm assembly.

The end result was a major cost cutting plus two less items to maintain and cause obstruction to overall servicing.

This installation can be operated from the mounting point of the arm which gives an unrestricted view of the crusher jaw or by mobile radio control which can view any blockage from access points or via cameras viewed from the operating cabin.

Safety is a major consideration, greasing and routine servicing is from a central point plus the design does nor permit the arm to enter into walkways.

A stop button is located at the controls.  Plant operator Mark Hutchinson has been impressed by the performance, “It is so quick and simple to use, I actually enjoy operating it”  and the Indeco HP1500W breaker has adequate power to easily handle any oversize basalt rocks blocking the crusher or feeder.

Adding Value To Dunnsown Quarry

Located near Ballarat, Victoria, Boral’s Dunnstown Quarry was established in 1974 and sits on 260 hectares of land producing crushed rock, aggregate and road base material for all over Victoria.

With the quarry currently employing 15 staff and operating 6 days per week, it needs to be well equipped, with a fleet of excavators, loaders, dumpers as well as Indeco breakers.

The quarries most recent purchase was an Indeco HP350 breaker fitted to a customer built 3 metre hydraulic boom arm.  When first looking at different model breakers, quarry manager Paul Griffin said the choice was easy. “I went with Indeco because of their name and reputation for reliability as well as the back up support I’d been given”, said Paul.  “Indeco were also helpful in advising and setting up what was best suited to our application”.

When recommending a breaker system for Boral, Indeco didn’t just use a standard design off the shelf and try to adapt it.  Instead, they visited the quarry site to see the application first hand, then custom designed what was best suited for the quarries needs. The complete unit is mounted to the crusher support frame giving excellent visibility and easy access for all service and maintenance.

With growing demands for productivity, 2008 has already been the busiest year the Dunnstown quarry has ever had.  With 3500 tonne of basalt rock going through the feeder daily, the Indeco HP350 hammer is kept busy handling any oversized rocks blocking the gateway. Its simple and efficient design combined with excellent weight to power ratio have ensured the breaker has done its job effectively.

In any industry time is money and equipment will ultimately be measured by the efficiency and value it can bring to your business.  With the Indeco HP350 breaker productivity has been high and with little downtime it has been a valuable asset to the quarry.

New HP 18000: Indeco in the Guinness Book of Records

For the second time ever, the world’s biggest rock breaker is an Indeco Indeco breaks all records with its new HP 18000, the biggest hydraulic breaker in the world. Its sheer size is breathtaking, not to mention its performance, making it the ideal breaker for huge earthworks, primary winning and extra hard rocks.

4.6 metres high, weighing 11,05 tons, it can handle tools with a diameter of up to 250 mm, and has a destructive potential that is far and away the best of any breaker on today’s market. Despite its size, the HP 18000 can also be rapid and versatile, achieving a striking rate of up to 460 blows per minute. That sort of speed is quite incredible when we think how much rock is moved. Compared with other breakers, it has greater hydraulic efficiency, i.e. a better ratio between input and output power, and this leads to greater energy yield.

This has been achieved by introducing new technological systems and improving existing ones throughout the Indeco range.

The new automatic power and speed variation system makes the Indeco giant more sensitive, and so more adaptable to the material it is demolishing.

The CDPS, or Collateral Damage Prevention System, sends a signal to the operator if the breaker is operating in sub-optimal conditions, warning him to stop working so as to prevent any damage. The external regulation system on the casing eliminates any clearance between the breaker and the wear plates within the housing, further reducing any damaging vibrations. Even the housing has been specially reinforced to withstand the huge mechanical stress that a breaker of this size has to deal with.

The mounting bracket is interchangeable with that of the HP 12000, a distinct advantage as the same carrier can now be used for two different breakers.

Other great features, which it has in common with all Indeco breakers, are the centralised greasing system and the tool retainer protection system, which prolongs tool life.

But even more importantly, in such a powerful breaker, is the Indeco range’s ability to carry out its work even under conditions of poor stability. In such cases, the carrier cannot transmit all of its weight to the breaker, or else it means the operator working under conditions of partial visibility, or at a very acute angle, with the breaker working either head-up or head-down. Some typical cases include vertical rockfaces, secondary demolition, underwater or tunnel excavations (head-down) where there is an increased risk of blank firing.

Many manufacturers attempt to limit damage by claiming to have systems to combat blank firing, which often prove ineffective or even damaging. Indeco breakers are so versatile that such extreme conditions are simply an opportunity to prove their reliability – and they manage to work continuously, smoothly, and uninterruptedly. All in all, Indeco’s new champion is living proof of the company’s commitment to coming out with true technological innovations that are both reliable and productive. And that is the record they are most proud of.