Indeco HP12000 Breaks New Ground

Indeco Australia continues to break new ground with its HP12000, the biggest hydraulic breaker on the Australian market today. Standing 4 meters high and weighing in at 7.8 tonne, this monster has a 215mm chisel and a power rating of 18,900 joules; a destructive potential that is far and away the best of any breaker on today’s market.

Despite its size, the Indeco HP12000 is still extremely versatile, achieving a strike rate up to 550 blows per minute. While the market has seen an influx of “so called” innovations that have brought no real advantages with them, Indeco have concentrated on what really matters to the customer. Performance, reliability and running costs. How much the breaker actually yields.

One happy customer currently using the Indeco HP12000 is Azzona Drainage Contractors.  Established in 1980, Azzona is a well respected market leader in the civil construction industry, specialising in a diverse range of projects from earthworks to sewer and stormwater drain construction. With over 28 years experience, Azzona has constructed thousands of kilometres of pipelines throughout Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. They have worked extensively on new estate developments in the Northern and Western Suburbs to the current excavation at Laurimer Estate in Doreen.

Ezio Di Giandomenico from Azzona has been operating the Indeco HP12000 and has been very impressed by what he’s seen. “The rock here has been really hard, but the Indeco hammer has handled it without any problem at all” said Ezio. “Normally with rock this hard we would have needed to pre-drill and blast it, but not with the new breaker”. As well as its performance, Azzona have also been amazed by the increased productivity of the HP12000. “The work rate has increased dramatically; it has taken the new Indeco hammer one week to do what our previous big breaker would have taken one month to do.” said Ezio. “It has significantly increased our productivity which in turn has lead to a huge saving in both time and money”.
In addition to the HP12000, Azzona is also operating a fleet of other Indeco equipment including 14 rock breakers and 5 compaction plates. “We’ve had Indeco hammers for years. We know how good they are and they’ve never let us down” says Ezio. “As well as the performance, Indeco’s back up and service is also excellent”.

Indeco’s development of the HP12000 breaker is another example of the company’s commitment to introducing truly innovative products that bring real advantages to their customers. But a high quality product still needs to be equally complemented with high levels of service, support and back-up; and this has been the real key to Indeco’s long established and continued success in Australia.