Indeco products serve up an ace at the Kooyong Tennis Club and the Rod Laver Arena

Kooyong Tennis Club and the Rod Laver Arena, two household names in Australia, recently underwent some restructuring – with Indeco products taking center stage once again.

Both jobs were carried out by City Circle Demolition & Excavation, one of Australia’s largest demolitio

n firms, and an Indeco Australia customer since 2016, which has a number of Indeco products in its fleet, such as shears, multiprocessors, multigrabs, pulverizers and hammers from the HP 150 to the HP 7000.

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club is internationally renowned as the spiritual home of Australian tennis, havin

g hosted the very first Australian championships all the way back in 1927. And this was where the Australian Open was held from 1972 onwards, until the inauguration of Melbourne Park in 1988.
The refurbishment aimed to improve the facilities for members, such as extending the club house and building a new multi-story car park. The job

carried out by City Circle lasted around two months, and involved various hammers and an IRP 29 X for the demolition side, while an IMG 2300 and an IMG 2800 were employed for material handling and sorting.

Rod Laver Arena

Inaugurated in 1988, Melbourne Park is regarded as one of the temples of world sport. Originally kno

wn as Flinders Park, in 2000 the center court of Melbourne Park was renamed the Rod Laver Arena, to honor the outstanding career of one of tennis’s greatest champions, Rod Laver.

The modernization of the Rod Laver Arena is one stage in the Melbourne Park redevelopment project,

for which the federal government has set aside 972 million Australian dollars. The redevelopment will breathe new life into


Rod Laver Arena, delivering improved amenities for visitors, players and artists alike. The demolition and renovation works on five different floors will take a total of 5 years so as to enable various sports events, the Australian Open, concerts and othe

r entertainment events to take place throughout.

For such an ambitious project, City Circle required reliable, productive equipment such as Indeco hammers of various sizes, ISS shears, IMG MultiGrabs and the IMP 45 for demolishing some concrete suspension bridges.


ISS 5/7: a small, yet fast&furious hydraulic shear

The latest member of the hydraulic shear range, the mini ISS 5/7 is a must-have for operators working on demolition or recycling jobs using smaller carriers. Designed with the specific aim of reducing weight and thus increasing maneuverability, it can be used on carriers from 5 tons upwards in boommounted configuration or from 7 tons upward in bucket-mounted configuration.
Despite its compact size, it stands out for its excellent speed and cutting power, the result of an oversized cylinder and recycling valve, features which have earned it the nickname of fast&furious. Like its bigger sisters, it has four reversible and interchangeable cutters, and interchangeable guide blade and a latest-generation piercing tip. 

IMH mulching heads – a radical change for all of the models in the range

Without doubt one of Indeco’s most eyecatching innovations at this spring’s trade fairs is the radical makeover of the IMH series of mulching heads, which have a completely new look and substance. Starting from the new more compact, ergonomic design, which gives better overall visibility to the operator, and simplifies access to all parts which might require ins

pection, such as motor, hydraulic connections and bushings. Additional teeth have been added in a new pattern and profile, greatly increasing the efficiency of the unit versus its predecessors. The larger models are multiple V-belt driven, whereas the sm

aller ones feature direct drive.

The cutting system has been completely revamped, with interchangeable teeth in special steel, that are far more efficient and practical than either swinging hammers or the expensive tungsten carbide tips used by many of our competitors. Changes have been made to the size of the teeth, the cutting angle and the layout on the drum of the tooth holders, which now makes all land and forest clearing applications faster and more efficient compared with its predecessors, not least because of the ease and low costs involved in replacing the teeth.

Indeco attachments in action in the Melbourne subway

Indeco hammers of all sizes, multiprocessors and pulverizers all help excavate a new station



The Metro Tunnel – also known as the Melbourne Metro Rail Project – is a metropolitan rail infrastructure project that will make a significant difference to mobility in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The project involves the construction of twin 9-kilometre rail tunnels between South Kensington station (north west of the Melbourne City Centre) and South Yarra (in the south east) with five new underground stations.

Work began in 2016, and then in 2017 sections of Melbourne’s Central Business District (or CBD) were closed for demolition work, to make way for the construction of the tunnel and new stations. This area includes City Square, where the CBD South station known as Town Hall Station will be built, and where Indeco products were used to demolish buildings and
underground parking to make room for the new station.

The demolition was entrusted to City Circle Demolition and Excavation, a Melbourne based company founded in 1981, specializing in excavations, demolition and recycling. Critical issues include the lack of space available and the noise limitations imposed in the Central Business District during working hours. The company therefore started off using small hammers and excavators to create the entrance and thereafter used larger excavators equipped according to the job at hand, either with an Indeco multi-processor or with a hammer, working for about 8 months on 8-hour work shifts. City Circle became an Indeco customer in 2016 and since then has purchased several products from Indeco Australia, which has been supplying the local market since 1993. Their fleet is currently made up of eight breakers, three of which are small (HP 150, HP 500, HP 700), three medium (HP 1200, HP 1500, HP 2500) and two large (HP 3500 and HP 7000), plus three multiprocessors (one IMP 15 in shear configuration, one IMP 35 and one IMP 45) and an IRP 29 X rotating pulverizer. “We are familiar with several Indeco products, their hammers, pulverizers, multiprocessors and shears” say Peter and Tim Skidmore, respectively director and manager of City Circle Demolition and Excavation “Indeco products are always good performers and guarantee excellent production. What’s more, their commercial and technical support are second to none, which is crucial when we have tight deadlines to meet”.